The Philadelphia Collaborative is a broad-based regional effort to create and grow life sciences companies in the Philadelphia area. This effort encompasses public and private initiatives in areas such as creating additional collaborative and early stage company work space in University City; attracting additional life sciences venture firms to Philadelphia; raising additional capital dedicated to investment in local life sciences companies; building collaborations among the academic centers in the area; and encouraging and assisting in developing and growing numerous other initiatives to encourage company creation and growth.

Militia Hill Ventures, a part of the Philadelphia Collaborative, creates and develops exceptional life sciences companies in the Philadelphia region.  Through its broad network, relationships and domain expertise, MHV catalyzes premier science, proven management, and seasoned investors to create high quality, fast growing companies. This active, “build” approach is the best way to create companies capable of continually developing new life saving therapies for patients and bringing high value returns to investors.

The Militia Hill companies are provided access to a suite of capabilities which can be quickly integrated into the companies on an as needed basis to reduce cost burden and accelerate growth. These capabilities include collaborative space, ongoing access to industry experts, lab and equipment access, and board and management expertise.